5 Excellent RGB LED Strip Light Design Ideas

LED strip lights are a great way to bring a cool and contemporary design to any space. Here are five design ideas applicable to the waterproof LED Strip light kit, which contains everything you need to install and display your lighting.

What is RGB LED strip lighting?

RGB stands for red, green and blue; these are the colours of the LED lights used in each strip of RGB LED strip lighting. The strips use these colours to produce a huge range of tones and colours of lighting.

What are the key features of RGB LED strips?

LED strip lights are safe to use in a variety of environments to create a fun and lively atmosphere and with a low voltage of DC12V this makes the lights safe to be next to your skin.

This kit comes with a 44-key control, which means the lighting can be adjusted to suit the right mood, with 24single static colour options and 6 different dynamic colour settings. You can also use the simple DIY programme to make your own custom lighting!

What applications can LED strip lighting be used for?

1.TV backside

Ideal for movie nights and games nights, LED strip lights are a safe way to decorate TV sets as the low voltage ensures they can be used next to other electronics.

The adhesive tape makes this a quick and simple way to decorate a TV set and comes with instructions to follow to make sure you cut the LED strip correctly with scissors. It also explains how to install, power on and off your strip lighting.


RGB LED lighting is a popular choice for bringing fresh lighting to your home. This can be set up around any pieces of furniture or display items you’d like to highlight and provide useful additional lighting for darker areas.


This kit can be cut and customised to any length you require, and with 300 LED pieces is enough to provide a decorative effect. Adding light accessories to your motorcycle is becoming the new trend nowadays. Thanks to the invention of LED lighting, adding colors to your ride has become a lot easier. It doesn’t matter what type of ride you have, you will stand out at bike shows, on the street and with your friends.


Really want to liven up your workspace, provide a creative atmosphere and set the tone for your working conditions? LED strip lights are a fun and safe way to decorate your PC.

5. Bar

With adhesive tape on the back of the strip, you can quickly and easily decorate any venue. The kit includes16.4 feet of LED lighting, more than enough to decorate a bar or trellis. We really like the 300 LED lights(compared standard kits with 150 LEDs) to really get the venue looking festive.

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