Application of T5 LED Integrated Light Fixture

In this modern age of energy-efficient products, most residential and commercial buildings are changing the HID and fluorescent fixtures with LEDs. LED lightings to have no barriers As LEDs have grown and dominated the lighting industry, many fixture manufacturers have started integrating them directly in their products. In the LED market, Integrated LED fixtures have gained a lot of popularity. Because of their ease of use and instant lighting technology, they are mostly preferred by commercial and residential building promoters.

What are Integrated LED Fixtures?

Integrated LED fixtures are a type of LED lighting wherein it comes complete with LED arrays that are already built into the fixture. These lights provide a specific lumen and colour and they do not have any bulb that can be replaced. What’s interesting about these lights are they do not require any sort of wiring retrofit and gets instantly on when the power is switched on. One can say it’s an all-in-one system and can be installed anywhere. The integrated LED fixtures are designed to last for a long period say almost a decade. After a long period, if they burn out, rather than replacing the bulb, customers order a new LED module or array.

Among the various models that are available, the T5 LED model has a wide range of application. The product is made out of high quality LED chips materials. These bulbs go through ageing and quality control test before they are delivered to the customers. According to the different needs of customers, the fixtures has two styles, Clear Cover and Frosted Cover.


These are super easy to install. The LED integrated lights do not need any wiring retrofit. Also, they are easy to connect with multiple other fixtures. The best part about these lights is unlike traditional tube lights they get instantly on when the power is switched on.

The lights offer high output illumination of a minimum of 90lm/ watt. Therefore every corner of the room gets illuminated.

The advanced T5 LED lights can save up to 60% more electricity than traditional fluorescent lamps. So they are both easy to use plus energy efficient.

These LED lights are designed in a way so that they can last fifty thousand hours which is almost equal to a decade. As a result, there is no maintenance cost. One does not need to replace the bulb frequently and spend money.


Well, apart from all the benefits they offer, these integrated LED lights do come with a few cons. The upfront cost of installing these lights is higher than traditional lights. And secondly Integrated Led lights do not come with different options. Therefore not many design options are available

Wide range of Application

As the Integrated LED bulbs offer multiple benefits, they are widely used in supermarkets, basements, utility stores, warehouses, workshops, residential flats and so on. It can be installed on both on a home ceiling or under the cabinet.

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