How to Install a Dual-End Powered LED Tube

The installation for all dual-end powered LED tubes are similar—-rewiring is needed to bypass the ballast. It’s not that difficult to do it. Let’s follow the tutorial and do it step by step.

Before you start the bypass process, make sure that you must have below-mentioned tools:

  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Connectors (Wire Nuts)
  • Nut Drivers or Socket Wrench
  • Wire Stripper
  • Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Step 1:  Disconnect from Power and energy source is the first and foremost step in installing and removing hood to expose ballast and wiring.

Step 2:  Find the right wire fixture and Ballast after turning off the power source, identify which wire to cut, fixture end wires to cut near the ballast. Identify the load and the neutral attached to the ballast.

Step 3: Cut and stripe fixture end, load, and neutral wires. Connect neutral wire to dead fixture end wires with cap. Connect the neutral to one of the fixture wire.

Step 4: Connect the neutral to one of the fixture wire, repeat the last step by cutting the opposite end fixture wires and attaching to load wires.

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