Lighting Solution for Commercial Offices

Lighting. It s one of the duller, yet essential parts of planning your office set up. Many businesses use old or expensive to run lighting. We are able to offer lighting solutions which are budget friendly and also save your money on maintenance and electricity bills.

Edge lit Troffer Panels

Traditional strip lighting doesn’t take full spacial advantage when lighting a room. It can leave areas which are dimmer than the rest of the room. Edge-lit troffer panels utilise LED technology to the ends of the strips to offer to light in often forgotten or wasted areas on the strip. This makes troffer panels more efficient than other strip lighting and will allow your rooms to be brightly lit in a more balanced aura than older or cheaper alternatives.

LED Advantage 

LED lights offer a brighter alternative to traditional fluorescent light bulbs while also allowing for a cheaper solution. They also don’t flicker like their outdated alternatives which decrease distractions and eye fatigue of your employees, even when they are not directly looking at it. By switching to LED your overall productivity will increase throughout your business.

Amazing Overall Performance

Our LED lighting is able to offer a total brightness of 3,600 lumens, natural daylight is rated at around 6,000lumens. This makes them incredibly bright, there will be no complaints about dimly lit rooms after completing your installation. With instant on technology, you will be able to brighten your office to full efficiency instantly without a delayed efficiency build up as seen in traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Using LED is eco-friendly! By reducing the power consumption of your business you are also helping to reduce your global footprint on your environment. Become a respected eco-focused business and save money at the same time! Be proud of your business and let your customers know of your decisions.

Save Money!

You could save as much as 50% on your electricity overhead costs by switching to LED. For a limited one-time cost, you could save long term on ongoing essential costs which you are unable to profit from. Due to the long life advantage, your days of buying replacement bulbs are over. With an estimat to about 50,000hour lifetime, that means you will only have to change the bulbs every 45 years. With LED being so efficient and affordable there is no reason to not switch today. Contact us to arrange a quote and get your business on its way to being more progressive and productive.

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