Save Money by Replacing the Fluorescent Light with LED Tube Light 8ft at Your Workplace

There is a common debate going on about the efficiency of LED tube lights vs. fluorescent ones where their performance is questioned as well as their other attributes. For a long time, fluorescent lights have dominated the market but now that there are more options in the market, you should make an informed choice to get the best deal. Fluorescent tubes may be the traditional choice but here are some major reasons why you should switch to LED tube lights and make your energy consumption pocket-friendly:

Energy consumption and price trends: The first through in your mind may be that a bulb does not consume major energy so what could be your savings if you switch to LED. Here’s some minor calculation that might convince you. A fluorescent tube light on average consumes 350 kWh whereas an LED consumes less than half of that i.e. 140 kWh on average. Now multiply this with 8-hour usage for the full week used for the entire year and you will find that a single LED can save you thousands of bucks.

Tube lights in general needs replacement and this is a major cost for a lot of commercial spaces as well as homes. LED tube lights have in general a longer lifetime than the fluorescent tube lights giving it an edge over the other. Shops, in general, need more lighting than home spaces due to their requirements and installing 8 ft LED shop lights can give you major energy and cost savings along with a linger lifetimes which equals to lower costs when you need to replace the lights for space.      For both commercial spaces and homes, the best savings and performance is given by 8ft LED light bulbs which can provide the best benefits such as:

Energy savings/ cost efficiency: 8ft LED light bulbs are pocket-friendly and offer you up to 50% off your energy bills if you choose to replace the fluorescent light bulbs.

Intensity of light: LED light bulbs offer high-intensity safe illumination without any disturbances like flickering or buzzing sounds. They are made up of components that make them environment-friendly and recyclable. Along with energy-efficient LED lights to provide you with high-intensity lighting that does not get dim throughout its long life cycle.

Longevity or life cycle of the light: LED lights have an extremely long life cycle of 50 thousand plus hours of high intensity lighting that can be easily used by both homes and office spaces to safely light their rooms.     

Installation: installing an LED is extremely easy and doesn’t take an expert to go through. Anyone can install it by just connecting it to a direct wire.

These are the major benefits of using an LED light over any normal fluorescent lights.

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