What is the difference between the led lights and fluorescent lights?

LED lights are a common type of lamps that people often use. But some people don’t know much about led lights and traditional fluorescent lights when they want to buy them. Of course, the difference between LED and ordinary fluorescent lamp is not well understood. It is not clear which one is LED lamp and which one is ordinary fluorescent lamp. In fact, there is a big difference between those two. Only after understanding the difference, you can choose a suitable lamp correctly. Today we will discuss the difference between LED lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps and which one is better.

What’s the difference between the led lights and fluorescent lights?

1. LED lights are healthier. In terms of visual perception, the brightness of LED lamps is especially softer and easier for people to accept, low-voltage constant current drive, no flicker, no glare, uniform brightness, and not easy to cause visual fatigue. It is a new healthy light source without light pollution.

2. LED lamps are highly energy-efficient. The LED point light source becomes a bar-shaped divergent light source, and the brightness is increased by 4-5 times. As the brightness is increased to reduce current and heat generation, it can save energy by more than 85% compared with low power consumption.

3. Long lifespan. The normal service life is more than 50,000 hours, which is more than 30 times longer than the traditional elimination. It is almost maintenance-free, and there is no problem of frequent replacement of lamps, ballasts, and starters. The cost saved in about a year can be exchanged for cost.

4. Safe and reliable. No ballast, no starter, no stroboscopic, equipped with fuse, use high temperature resistant flame retardant materials.

5. Environmentally friendly. The traditional fluorescent lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor, if it is broken, the mercury will volatilize into the atmosphere. However, LED lamps do not use mercury at all and do not contain lead, which can protects the environment. LED lamps are recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

6. No ultraviolet rays. No mosquitoes, LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet rays, so there will not be a lot of mosquitoes around the light source like traditional lamps. The interior will become cleaner, sanitary and tidy.

Led lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps, which one is better?

1. Energy-saving comparison: Generally speaking, under the same wattage, energy-saving lamps can save 80% energy than ordinary light bulbs, and energy-saving lamps consume 57% less power than ordinary light bulbs. A 5 watt energy-saving light is approximately equal to 25 watts. The brightness of an ordinary light bulb, a 7-watt energy-saving light is approximately equal to the brightness of a 40-watt ordinary light bulb, and a 9-watt energy-saving lamp is approximately equal to the brightness of a 60-watt ordinary light bulb. It can be seen that energy-saving lamps are more energy-saving than ordinary white woven lamps.

2. Principle comparison: Energy-saving lamps use the principle of gas discharge to operate, that is, self-ballasted lamps. The heat radiation of energy-saving lamps is only 20%. Ordinary light bulbs are heat generated when the current passes through the filament. The filament continuously accumulates heat to make the filament temperature above 2000 degrees Celsius. The higher the filament temperature, the brighter the light will be. When an ordinary light bulb emits light, a large amount of electric energy is converted into heat energy, and a very small part is converted into useful light energy. Due to the low efficiency of electro-optical conversion, it generates heat before emitting light, so infrared radiation is generated.

3. Health comparison: Energy-saving lamps can effectively remove form aldehyde and dirt. The active oxygen released at the same time can adsorb and kill many kinds of viruses and bacteria such as E. coli. Energy-saving lamps can also change the air quality of the room, and the manufacturing process is advanced, the efficiency is high, and the service life is 6 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps.

We already have some understanding about the difference between LED lamp and ordinary fluorescent lamp and which one is better. Of course, different families are suitable for different lamps. Generally speaking, LED lights are relatively good, mainly because they have a long service life and have a good energy-saving effect. Of course, when you buy LED lights, you can consider the brand of the lamp, which can help us choose a good lamp, and after-sales are guaranteed.

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