How To Cut And Reconnect LED Neon Rope Light?

Not sure about how to properly cut and reconnect the LED neon rope light? If yes, then do not worry anymore! Rest assured that you have definitely landed on the right page. Needless to mention, these LED neon rope lights have many benefits. For example, they are bendable waterproof and flexible. You can use them for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are planning to implement a DIY project for illuminating your homestead or you want to use them for creating specific patterns, letters, or display signs, these LED rope lights have no exception.

The best part is that its quite easy to use. All you are needed to follow the below four steps in order to properly cut and reconnect the LED neon rope light.

Step #1: This is the very first step. To start with, unpack the box and take out the rope light. Now, you should search for the cut line that’s marked on the light itself. Once you’ve found out the cut line, take your cutter knife handy. Using your cutter knife, create an L-shaped cut so that the anodes are exposed.

Step #2: This step is an important part of the entire guide It's all about soldering. Before you start soldering, please do not forget to use your cutter knife to dig out excess silicone. In his way, it will expose he metal part of the light that can be soldered. Both the positive end (red) and negative end (black) of the DC wire should be properly soldered with the anodes.

Step #3: Once the soldering is done, please make sure to tightly seal the ends with glue/adhesives and cap.

Step #4: This is the fourth and final step of the guide. You are now required to connect the DC wire you’ve soldered before) with the DC12V5A power supply and turn on the power. That’s it. You’ve successfully cut and reconnected the LED neon rope light and it's ready for use.



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Scott Gould
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