What is WS2812b LED strip?

The WS2812B LED Strip is a SMART strip that's been launched recently in the market and comprises the latest technology in LED lighting. Each SMD5050 LED includes an integrated WS2811 IC chip, so it can be controlled individually, which allows for an assortment of different effects that can be controlled using the Dream Color Mini Wireless Controller. The controller comes with 100 different light effects programmed into it, but you can still program the LED Strip for more effects. Using the controller, you can also change effect mode and speed, which makes their effects highly customizable.

What is the difference between the WS2812B strip and other LED strip lights?

The main difference between the WS2812B LED strip and other LED strip lights like RGB is that each of the LED lights on the WS2812B has a chip that can be controlled individually, unlike RGB. That's why this LED strip is considered a "SMART strip"; each light can blink at several different colors and create unique effects that you can't get with an RGB strip. This makes the WS2812B quite customizable in its effects and it makes for quite an interesting lighting for different situations. Its controller allows you to do a lot of different things with this LED strip. Plus, the WS2812B LED strip comes with 5 meters of length (16.4 feet), which allows for it to be used in quite different environments, which leads us to the next question.

Where is the WS2812B suitable for decoration?

Its variety of effects makes this LED strip quite useful for a different set of contexts. It can be programmed to use at an office, due to its easy control and programming. For parties, the fact that each light comes with a WS2811 IC chip integrated makes for a lot of interesting effects, and the fact it's waterproof allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors. It can even be used at pool parties if you want it to. The fact it's quite easy to set up also gives you a lot of options: you don't need to be a professional in lighting to be able to set it up or control it. It comes with an adhesive tape at the back which allows you to set it wherever you want it.


All its features have made the WS2812B a favorite within lighting amateurs and specialists since it has plenty of options for you to control it. The fact it's waterproof makes it even more versatile, allowing for indoor or outdoor use. You can even program it to display an effect that's not on the list, making it highly customizable. The Dream Color Mini Wireless Controller makes it quite easy to use, with a lot of options like effect mode and speed. It comes with a six-month warranty and the replacement for defective products is quite fast if you have any issue with your WS2182B LED strip. Overall, this is an excellent option for both amateurs and professionals that comes at a low cost and is easy to install, so it's a purchase you'll be glad you made.

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