LED Tubes

Our advanced t8 led tubes and t8 led bulbs are ideal for commercial and residential applications. They are perfect for use in applications as sophisticated as high bay fixtures and strip lights. The LED tubes help in reducing replacement costs, maintenance, and last much longer than fluorescent tubes.

Applications of T8 LED Tubes

Our t8 led lights can be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Parking garages

Each led tube comes with a special coating that ensures shatter resistance, helping meet the NSF/ANSI standards.

Advantages over Fluorescent Tube

Modern led fluorescent tube replaces the traditional fluorescent light that was once considered the ideal environment-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. There are many advantages of considering led fluorescent tube replacement:

  • Higher Energy Efficiency: The latest led tube lights can be over 30% more energy efficient compared to conventional fluorescent tubes.
  • Environment-Friendly: LED tubes don't contain any mercury, making them safe and environment friendly.
  • Another reason for considering led fluorescent tube replacement is that illumination of LED tubes can be controlled with precision.
  • Flicker-Free: Our t8 led bulbs produce light in a wide range of color temperatures. There is no issue flickering that is usually the case with fluorescent lights.
  • Directional Illumination: If you need it illuminate specific areas or focus the light on an area, you should consider led fluorescent tube changing. Our range of t8 led tubes don't disperse light like their fluorescent counterparts, thus ensuring that light is doesn't get lost.

Long lifespan is one of the main benefits of using led tube. When you consider led fluorescent tube changing, the new tubes can last for over 50,000 hours. In fact, some lights can last for over 80,000 hours.

We supply T8 LED tubes in different configurations and packs, ranging from power ratings ranging from 20W to 40W for multiple applications.