10-Pack T8 LED Tube Lights 4 Foot 20W ,G13 Dual-Ended Powered, ETL Listed, Clear Cover

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10-Pack T8 LED Tube Lights 4 Foot 20W (40W Equivalent) ,G13 Dual-Ended Powered, ETL Listed, Clear Cover

  • √ENERGY SAVING – Save up to 50% on your electricity bill when replacing fluorescent tubes by LUMINOSUM 4ft LED tube lights.
  • √BRIGHT, HIGH ILLUMINATION – Illuminate your space with 2000+ lumens! No annoying flicker and distracting buzz. Energy efficient and environmental friendly.
  • √SAFE and LONG LASING – With ETL certified, LUMINOSUM LED tubes are safe to use and have a long lifetime of 50,000+ hours.
  • √EASY BALLAST BYPASS INSTALLATION – LUMINOSUM 4ft LED tubes are compatible with T8, T10, T12 fluorescent fixtures, just requiring a simple ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.
  • √BUY IN BULK, GET MORE DISCOUNT – LUMINOSUM has stable supply for LED tube lights. It ?s ideal supplier for business customers.

LUMINOSUM 4 Foot T8 LED Tube Lights Clear Cover 10-Pack

Are you still using fluorescent bulbs? Forget everything you know about those old bulbs. They only consume your energy and yet give you poor light. Do you know that the flicker of the high frequency of fluorescent bulbs can cause migraines, eye strains, and headache? Move up to the future with LUMINOSUM LED bulbs.


  • Power: 20W
  • Tube Type: T8
  • Length: 4 feet (1.2m)
  • LED Chip: SMD2835
  • LED qty: 96
  • Lumens: 2000lm
  • Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Power Drive: Constant Current
  • Rendering Index: >80
  • Material: Aluminum+PC
  • Certification: CE,RoHS,,ETL


10 x LED tube lights

How it work? Click here for installation video!

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78 reviews for 10-Pack T8 LED Tube Lights 4 Foot 20W ,G13 Dual-Ended Powered, ETL Listed, Clear Cover

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  1. caddy11

    Replaced fluorescent tubes in two four ft. ceiling fixtures in about 1/2 hour. Just make sure you remove the old ballast. These are much brighter than the fluorescent tubes.

  2. Whit Smith

    As described, just rewire by bypassing the ballast and install the new lights and you’re done. Simple. Very white light but instant on and never worry about a ballast again.

  3. Humberto Perez

    I was hesitant on putting money in an old fixture, but you can’t fine a new one for the $15 I spent on each, did the utility and the the shed, 10 minute conversion each,200 percent more light

  4. KING

    Easy, snip old ballast out, and pop these lights in. About 10 min job first go around.. White wire to one end, Black to the other. – Make sure Socket Ends are Shunted, Or modify/replace to do so. IE: One end has POSITIVE to both pins, the other end has NEGATIVE to both pins.WARNING: Make sure power is off: Use a Sniffer to VERIFY no power. 120v is not FUN.. Brightness: about the same as my old florescent, maybe tad more. BUT DAYLIGHT…… Longevity: Just installed 1 days ago, So I know they will last 1 days. I will try to update review after 5 to 10 years.Only Small gripe. My order only came with 6 Warning labels about Lights being LED, the labels to affix to fixture. Worked out for me, since my lights have 2 lights per fixture. They should include more. PS: EXTRA WARNING LABELS FOR THE POST, (Shunted or Not) – 2 for Each Light.. “DIRECT POWER – LED ONLY”. ” BALLAST REMOVED ” Just to go overboard on Safety when someone else tries to replace the lights.

  5. J. Rodriguez

    The install is fairly straight forward with the modification of removing the ballast. I am very surprisedat how much light these LED light bulbs put out. They put out so much light that I am only installing 2 LED’s in a 4 light fixture. I just installed them so I cannot speak to how long they will last. They are packed very well to insure no damage during shipment. Weight wise they are very light, no pun intended. I think they are an excellent value and I plan to convert all my T8/T12 florescent bulbs to these LED tube bulbs.

  6. Easy installation

    I used these to replace old fluorescent T8s in a commercial building. They are great. Brighten the entire place up. I’ll definitely be getting some more.

  7. BBrayer

    I have a four bulb unit in my kitchen.Two of the bulbs burned out.It appeared that the original ballast burned out.I decided to replace all four bulbs with LED lighting.The wiring was a little odd since I also had blue wires.Blue and Red went to Load.Yellow went to Neutral.(At least this is how it went on my setup)The lights are bright.It really lights up the kitchen.Although the bulbs were a little expensive in my opinion, they should redeem themselves over time.I would use more of them if I had any other locations with these bulbs.

  8. Barry Jones

    The lights were received on time. Took less than 30 minutes to jerk the two ballast from two fixtures and wire up. Work perfectly and so much brighter than my old fluorescent tubes.

  9. Rad Deco

    These LED tubes are great replacement bulbs for fluorescent fixtures that need either bulbs or ballasts since, once installed correctly, you will likely never have to replace them again in your lifetime (unless you’re a teenager!). These are especially useful if your fluorescent ballast has gone bad, since a new ballast alone could cost you more than a couple of these new LED bulbs, and the ballast is completely disconnected and bypassed (I removed mine), thus eliminating the most “inefficient” device in your lighting fixture. Fluorescent lights were long considered to be the most energy-efficient lighting option available, and they were efficient–when compared to standard incandescent lights. But the ballast, which is necessary for fluorescent lights, is the most inefficient part of that lighting system and, although to a lesser extent than incandescent lighting, still converts a lot of electrical energy into unwanted heat. With the technological advances in these new LED tubes, you can toss those energy-wasting ballasts (which often go bad, themselves, requiring expensive replacement) and use your same fixtures with new LED technology that further reduces the energy lost to heat and much more efficiently converts electricity into just the light that you’re wanting from a light source. Unless you’re keeping small animals warm or trying to keep the dampness out of the inside of your piano, there’s not much need for incandescent light bulbs anymore!These particular LED tubes are very bright, and possibly bright enough that you may find that you only need half as many of the LED “bulbs” installed as compared to your old fluorescent “bulbs”! (I replaced four fluorescent tubes in my laundry room with these LED tubes in the same fixture, and I had to remove three of the new tubes because it was way too bright! I have MORE than enough light with JUST ONE LED TUBE!!!) Also, unlike those old fluorescent lights which normally lost much of their brightness after a while, these LED lights will continue to maintain their light levels for years to come, all the while saving you small change day after day after day–and all those days add up to lots of dollars over the extremely long lifespan of these “bulbs”!BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES, BE SURE YOU ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE ENOUGH AND CAPABLE OF WORKING WITH HOUSEHOLD WIRING! ELECTRICITY CAN BE DEADLY IF PROPER PROCEDURES ARE NOT FOLLOWED!!!Now for the technical stuff: These particular LED tubes are a direct replacement for old T-8 or T-12 fluorescent bulbs, and fit perfectly in standard sized fluorescent fixtures that have been MODIFIED INTERNALLY. While some LED fluorescent replacement tubes are designed to be used with a fluorescent ballast (why would you want to?), these LED “bulbs” are NOT designed to be used in fluorescent fixtures that still contain a ballast wired into the circuitry, and should NOT be used to directly replace fluorescent tube “bulbs” in an unmodified fluorescent light fixture! Before you begin installation, be sure to go to your electrical breaker box and turn off the circuit breaker that supplies the light fixture before you open the fixture housing. Then bypass the ballast (remove it from the circuit) or remove it completely from the fixture; the only things you will need to keep from your original light are the fixture itself and the “tombstones” (that hold the bulbs). If the existing wires inside the fixture are not long enough after removing the ballast, you may need to supply more wire to finish the job. ***FOLLOW THE WIRING DIAGRAM THAT COMES WITH THESE LIGHTS, because NOT ALL LED REPLACEMENT TUBES FOR FLUORESCENT FIXTURES ARE THE SAME!!!*** (Some are wired from just one end, but these are NOT THAT TYPE. Unfortunately, there seems to be no “standard” configuration established yet.) Also, the two contact pins on each end of these tubes are apparently not connected, so just because you have one service wire connected to each end “tombstone” (bulb retainer), unless your wires are connected to the proper side of each “tombstone” on each end, you may not close the circuit and the bulb may not light up–don’t assume the bulb is faulty. I recommend that you remove the tombstones from the fixture (they usually just slide off) and temporarily wire them to an old power cord (don’t plug it in until you’re ready to test the wiring), then attach the tombstones to the new bulbs. After making sure all conducting parts (uninsulated wiring, etc.) are safely away from any conducting material (including flooring), plug the power cord into a wall outlet. If all the bulbs do not light up, unplug the power cord and reroute the tombstone wiring or use “jumpers” to supply electricity to the unpowered sides of the tombstones. Then plug the temporary power cord in and try again. Once all LED tubes light properly, be sure to secure the tombstone bulb clips into the fixture in the same correct orientation. DO NOT handle the disassembled fixture parts while the temporary power cord is still plugged into the electrical outlet! BE CAREFUL! Don’t let fiddling with the light fixture’s “tombstones” lead to you earning a tombstone of your own! 😉

  10. Steve norsworthy

    I bought these to replace my two double florescent garage fittings. They came with clear instructions and it was a five minute job to replace each unit. They are much brighter than the original ones. They came very well packed and look a feel like a quality product. I¡¯d recommend them

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