16-Pack T8 LED Tube Lights 4 Foot 20W G13 Base Dual-Ended Powered Clear Cover

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16-Pack T8 LED Tube Lights 4 Foot 20W (40W Equivalent) ,G13 Dual-Ended Powered Clear Cover, ETL Listed, 4000K/5000K/6000K

  • √ENERGY SAVING – Save up to 50% on your electricity bill when replacing fluorescent tubes by LUMINOSUM 4ft LED tube lights.
  • √BRIGHT, HIGH ILLUMINATION – Illuminate your space with 2000+ lumens! No annoying flicker and distracting buzz. Energy efficient and environmental friendly.
  • √SAFE and LONG LASING – With ETL certified, LUMINOSUM LED tubes are safe to use and have a long lifetime of 50,000+ hours.
  • √EASY BALLAST BYPASS INSTALLATION – LUMINOSUM 4ft LED tubes are compatible with T8, T10, T12 fluorescent fixtures, just requiring a simple ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.
  • √BUY IN BULK, GET MORE DISCOUNT – LUMINOSUM has stable supply for LED tube lights. It ?s ideal supplier for business customers.

LUMINOSUM 4 Foot T8 LED Tube Lights Clear Cover 10-Pack

Are you still using fluorescent bulbs? Forget everything you know about those old bulbs. They only consume your energy and yet give you poor light. Do you know that the flicker of the high frequency of fluorescent bulbs can cause migraines, eye strains, and headache? Move up to the future with LUMINOSUM LED bulbs.


  • Power: 20W
  • Tube Type: T8
  • Length: 4 feet (1.2m)
  • LED Chip: SMD2835
  • LED qty: 96
  • Lumens: 2000lm
  • Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Power Drive: Constant Current
  • Rendering Index: >80
  • Material: Aluminum+PC
  • Certification: CE,RoHS,,ETL


16 x LED tube lights

How it work? Click here for installation video!

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68 reviews for 16-Pack T8 LED Tube Lights 4 Foot 20W G13 Base Dual-Ended Powered Clear Cover

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  1. F. W. Fisher

    Had these lights for over 9 years with daily usage.and no burnout until this past month!!! when several failed at almost the same time.

  2. Walter K.

    Good value

  3. Ol’ Reg

    I was helping a frend but upgrading his kitchen tubes and his garage tubes to LEDs.I like getting rid of the ballasts in the flourescent fixtures and going with straight 110volts.These are very bright tubes. I guess you could install them with the dark strip down to make them a bit less bright but they work great.You must have non-shunted tombstones with these as the power all comes in from one end and doesn’t pass through as with flourescents.

  4. Manuf

    I ordered these to replace failed or failing old classic fluorescent bulbs. I decided to disconnect & remove the old ballast because I did not see the point of keeping an additional potential point of failure that may reduce energy efficiency. The installation was fairly simple and involves only vary basic electrical understanding. It took me a bit of time to install 9 of them (lost one in the process) mostly because fixture were sometimes hard to reach, dirty/corroded, etc …, but the actual installation of those is fast and easy (except for one support clip from one fixture that snapped and needed to be glued) .For my application, the brightness was plenty. Overall I have no complaint.One thing to note: These are breakable. I dropped one out of 10 and was surprised to see it shatter. Some of my other LED bulbs (smaller round bulbs) are unbreakable (I suspect made of plastic), but these can be broken “easily”.

  5. Eddie Ray Garrett

    Get rid of that ballast and see (Daylight!) You will be glad you did.

  6. t hart

    I was skeptical due to the negative reviews on these lamps but went ahead and ordered. They arrived on schedule and were perfectly wrapped with no breakage. Each tube was encased in styrofoam and in it’s own box. Then they were place in a larger heavy duty cardboard box. The bulbs were easy to install; took about 30 minutes per fixtures with 2 bulbs each. They are as bright as the fluorescent ones they are replacing. I will wait to see how long they last before commenting on longevity. BTW, I rarely rate products on Amazon but feel that this one deserves to be recognized.

  7. terry

    Good replacement leds

  8. Robert F.

    Very easy to install. Did not have to replace the entire old Fluorescent Lamp holder. Did have to cut a few wires and reconnect after removing the ballast. Great buy and product.

  9. The Fixer

    These are nice, bright white lights. These are nice because they have the frosted cover, meaning you don’t see all the individual LED Diodes and it tones the brightness down a little. I have installed about 60 of these bulbs in my offices and manufacturing facility. I had to have bulbs that were rated for 277Volts, so these work. I remove the ballasts from the fixtures so hopefully it will be years before I have to mess with these lights again.These are ballast compatible, but they are at their full efficiency with the ballast removed. All you need to do is cut the wires as close to the ballast as you can and wire ALL FOUR wires from one end of the fixture to the black supply and the other FOUR WIRES at the other end to the white supply.These bulbs must have non-shunted connectors, which means that each T8 “tombstone” connector must have a wire attached, hence the FOUR WIRES. Most of my fixtures were compatible but I ordered some non-shunted tombstones on Amazon and simply replaced the original ones that would not work. You simply connect all four wires on one end to the white supply wire and all four wires on the other end to the black supply wire – it does not matter which end is wired to either white or black supply.NOTE: WHEN PURCHASING NON-SHUNTED TOMBSTONES, MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE CORRECT TYPE FOR YOUR FIXTURES – THEY MAKE TWO DIFFERENT STYLES – NOTE HOW YOUR EXISTING ONES AFFIX TO THE LIGHT FIXTURE TO VERIFY THAT THEY MATCH.

  10. Upper Michigan user

    I would give these 5 stars but 1 out of 30 bulbs purchased for direct wire installation buzzes quite loudly and I assume it won’t last long. Another issue deals with consistent manufacturing design. Some bulbs have un-shunted ends internally while others have only one end of the tube shunted and yet others both ends shunted. This I found in the same box of bulbs. When using to update t-12 fixtures the best way to wire these is to assure both pins on one end are wired to your black house wiring ( load side) . Then both pins wire to the white ( common) house wire going to the other side of the tube. Of course they don’t show it that way on the box so it’s confusing. Doing so makes the bulbs universal regardless of design. Another note: I found that unlike 12v led lights these bulbs can be flipped end for end and still work. I would like to add one positive note. These can be used to replace blown out fixtures and the light output and color is a very close match if your other flourescent t12s (40w) or t8 (32w) are the same color temperature. In my case 5000k. This is assuming the flourescent bulbs aren’t very old.Update 3/13/18. Contacting the company through Amazon was easy. I told them about the one annoyingly noisy bulb and even though it is still working they are sending me a replacement. Certainly a company that stands behind what they sell. I updated my score to 5 stars because of thier customer support.

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