LED Tube Light 8 Foot 40W, Single Pin FA8 Base, 20-Pack, Frosted Cover

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Product Description

LED Tube Light 8 Foot 40W, Single Pin FA8 Base, Dual-End Power Ballast Bypass, ETL Certified, 20-Pack, Frosted Cover, Daylight 5000K/ Cool White 6000K


  • ✔Energy Saving – Save up to 50% on your electricity bill when replacing fluorescent tubes by LUMINOSUM 4ft LED tube lights.
  • ✔Bright & High Illumination – Illuminate your space with 2000+ lumens! No annoying flicker and distracting buzz. Energy efficient and environmental friendly.
  • ✔Safe and Long-lasing – With ETL certified, LUMINOSUM LED tubes are safe to use and have a long lifetime of 50,000+ hours.
  • ✔Easy Ballast Bypass Installation – LUMINOSUM 4ft LED tubes are compatible with T8, T10, T12 fluorescent fixtures, just requiring a simple ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.Please watch the video or download the user manual for detailed installation instruction.
  • ✔Your Trusted LED Tube Bulk Supplier – Count on us as your reliable partner for all your bulk LED tube needs, delivering lasting brightness and energy efficiency.


  • Power: 45W
  • Tube Type: T8
  • LED Chip: SMD2835
  • Lumens: 3800lm
  • Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Base Type: FA8
  • Rendering Index: >80
  • Power: Dual End
  • Rendering Index: >80
  • Cover: Frosted
  • Material: Aluminum+PC
  • Carton Dimension: 243*20*20cm


20 x LED tube lights

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106 reviews for LED Tube Light 8 Foot 40W, Single Pin FA8 Base, 20-Pack, Frosted Cover

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  1. Shawn

    Light fit and work like expected

  2. DonW

    I bought 4 of these 8 foot LED tube light bulbs, and was worried about them arriving without damage.I think they had a rough delivery ride because all the clear plastic lens covers were slightly out of position, but went back in place easily.One aluminum strip (that runs along the spine of the bulb for strength, and maybe for heat sink) had a finger print sized dent in it. But the light worked, so I used it, and am hoping the electronics inside haven’t been damaged. (The inner shipping box which held the 4 bulbs was not damaged at all, so I think the dent was not caused by shipping.)One plastic end-cap is a little crooked on 1 bulb, but it looks like it was made that way (in other words, not shipping damage). So I’m hoping that problem isn’t causing the single pin electrical contact on that end to make less than perfect connection.All in all, I gave a five star review because the lights all work, are very bright, have a three year warranty (so that’s hopefully some security against the damage mentioned above), worked very well in my old fluorescent fixtures, the price was great, and for some reason I can’t put my finger on… I like the company and hope they do well.Update written on 07/06/2021 I never tried to do an update before, I hope this shows up… One of my 8 foot bulbs lost a quarter of its individual led lights, and the other three bulbs had several individual LEDs that quit working over the past year or so. I sent some pictures of the four bulbs to the JESLED Customer Service Team along with my original Amazon Receipt and asked if my problem was covered under their warranty.Balinda from the Customer Service Team gave me some of the nicest and best Warranty Service I’ve ever received, on anything… and had 4 new bulbs delivered to my house by UPS in about a week.So thanks to Balinda, I’m still 100 percent happy with JESLED, and ordered 4 more of the same bulbs from Amazon on the 4th of July, 2021.

  3. Johnny G

    Have to rewire the fixtureRuns off 110v, no ballast neededThis saves more power than the lower watts of the bulb. And they are significantly brighter

  4. Ray D Heilesen

    12 frosted LED single pin 8 foot tubes purchased. Arrived on time. No damage to packaging. Had to bypass ballast in each fixture (super easy to do). Every lamp lit up flawlessly.

  5. Viggen Enterprises


  6. David R Zappa

    Easy to install and the brightness I expected. Added support clips to stabilize the 8 foot span.

  7. Daniel White

    Working on a high ceiling. Removing covers. Remove ballast. Rewire both ends. Reinstall covers and new bulbs. Takes 6 to 8 trips up and down the ladder to do one section. They work great. Takes about an hour to do each one.

  8. Roy C.

    Easy to rewire and install

  9. arthropod98

    09/24/2019 update. 2 of the bulbs were giving me intermittent problems — one the whole bulb went out, and the other 1/2 the bulb went out. i contacted JESLED, and they sent me replacements for the bulbs – just received those today, so they’ve already replaced the faulty ones. i would definitely recommend these bulbs and JESLED to anyone. nice to have a company that stands behind their product AND their warranty. john.replaced 4 8′ 2-bulb fluorescents with these in our garage, and i’m happy so far. a few things:* you will need the clips for these — there was way more sag than i was comfortable with. the clips are pretty snug and can be a little tricky to get the bulb in there while trying to get it seated in the tombstones. i just took my time, and it worked well.* the clear casing was kinda popped off a few of the bulbs, but was easy to pop back on — they should feel smooth with no lip where the clear casing meets the back.* there are 2 strips of lights on basically one side of the tube. our old tubes were fully exposed, so a bit of the lighting to the sides was lost with these. i simply rotated them slightly to “fan” the light out a bit, and that worked well. that was actually part of the reason i liked these “pin”-style connectors — you can rotate the bulb.i also ordered the tombstones for these, and bypassing the ballast and wiring those was pretty easy. i contacted jesled before, and they sent me the wiring diagram, which was nice and simple — line went to the fixed side, and then i connected the 1 tombstone to the other. same for the other side (neutral went to the spring-loaded “plunger” tombstones.also, i would recommend using solid wire if replacing all the old ballast wire. these “stab” type connectors on the tombstones don’t work too well with stranded wire.just today, i noticed half of one of the bulbs flickered about 3 times. it stayed on afterwards, but i’ll be keeping my eye on it.overall, i would recommend these bulbs, the clips, and the tombstones. i figured i’d just go with all jesled to make sure things went smoothly.

  10. Kelly B

    Brighter than the high-output fluorescents these replaced. I purchased 8 and installed 6. Be aware that not all tombstones (the part that holds the end of the light tube) are the same. I had to replace mine on two of my fixtures so they all matched the new led tubes. Before your project, be sure and check your light fixtures to determine if you need different tombstones. They are not difficult to install, but they do add another step to the conversion.Rewiring was relatively simple. If you choose to do this yourself, be sure and turn off the power at the breaker or fuse box. Remove the ballast, unscrewing any wire nuts and cutting the other wires close to the ballast. You will need some wire nuts; you may be able to reuse the ones you removed when you removed the ballast. Take all the wires from both ends and strip about 1/2-inch of insulation from all of them. Wire strippers are handy for this chore, but the job can be accomplished with a sharp pocket knife. You must be cautious not to nick the wires; if you do, simply cut off the damage and try again. Then, take all the wires from one end of the fixture and connect to the hot (usually black) wire with a wire nut; then take all the wires from the other end and connect to the common (usually white) wire with a wire nut. It makes no difference which end hooks to the hot and which end hooks to the common.If you don’t feel comfortable doing the rewire, hire an electrician. If you have a bare (sometimes green) wire with the power source wires, it is ground and should already be connected to metal on the fixture, and you should not need to disturb it with this rewire. When the rewire is complete, reassemble the fixture and insert the new led tubes. As these tubes are 8-foot long and not as rigid as the glass fluorescents, there is some sag with these tubes. I added some U-clips, screwed into the fixture just above each tube at the halfway point. It would have been nice if these had been included with the new led tubes, but they were not. I was aware of the issue from previous reviews and purchased a package of 20 U-clips from a different vendor in preparation of this conversion.These lights are brighter, come on instantly, are silent (no ballast hum), and use less power. The lights were delivered in an 8-foot (plus a few inches) long and strong cardboard box. The contents was fully protected during shipping. I was impressed with the quality of the shipping container and packing.

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