LUMINOSUM LED V-Shape Led Tube Lights 6FT 20-Pack

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Product Description

LUMINOSUM LED V-Shape Led Tube Lights 6FT, 20-Pack, Daylight 5000K/Cool White 6000K


  • ✔Double the Brilliance – These LED tube lights feature a cutting-edge double-side V-shape design with a 270-degree beam angle, delivering exceptional brightness and coverage, perfectly tailored for illuminating cooler doors.
  • ✔Linkable LED Shop Light – You can easily connect maximum 3 lights in series to create a continuous and well-lit environment, using the 3.28ft connecting cables included in the package.
  • ✔Versatile Application – With exceptional brightness and 270° dual-sided illumination, these lights are specialized for cooler door lighting. Besides, they can also used as LED shop lights for workspace and normal LED tube lights for garage, warehouse, etc.
  • ✔Effortless Installation – Each package includes 3.28ft connecting cables (without switch and plug) and mounting kits, making installation a breeze. You’ll have everything you need to set up your lighting system hassle-free.
  • ✔Your Trusted LED Tube Bulk Supplier – Count on us as your reliable partner for all your bulk LED tube needs, delivering lasting brightness and energy efficiency.


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36 reviews for LUMINOSUM LED V-Shape Led Tube Lights 6FT 20-Pack

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  1. RamoShopper

    These LED lights have worked perfectly in our garage/work shop. They have brightened my work space and have allowed me to work on all my projects without needing to open my garage. No more dark areas. Installation is a breeze with no special tools or skills needed. Instructions are very clear. Easy to configure to however we like with all the included wirings. If not for a loose connection due to maybe my kids jumping above the garage ceiling, I would not have needed to purchase another set thinking the bulbs needed replacement. After tightening and securing the connections, these lights are still going strong and bright after 2 years. Never hurts to have an extra set. Strongly recommend these lights.

  2. Jimm

    Excellent, double row of led’s, twice the light from previous ones

  3. Michael J Hudspeth

    I measured carefully prior to ordering and had a half inch clearance to install within a ceiling mounted rectangular box above a cooktop. Unfortunately the power plug is a specific push in type that extends out another full 3/4 inch from the end of the light and the other end of the light is equipped with another push in plug receptacle which allows the connection of two or more lights together but providing insufficient room to install the lights within the space allocated. Both plugs extend out 3/4 inches from the lights. If a 90 degree adapter were provided or the plug could be fully inserted into the light leaving only the cables exiting at the ends of the light, it would fit within the 36 and 1/2 inch space I measured before ordering. While at it, a connecting plug adapter should be provided to splice two connection cords together to supply power to additional lights separated by more space than the supplied connecting cords allow. The workaround will require all the lights to be installed at an angle to fit the additional space required by the plugs and to shorten the distance between the light groups separated by open space around a range hood centered over a stove top. I have searched but have been unable to locate suitable aftermarket adapters.

  4. Annonomus

    I like them. They give much needed light in my shop.

  5. Horshack

    Love these. Bright and really easy to install: comes with all the goodies.

  6. GMT888

    Given the many choices for interior garage lights, I chose these LED strip lights over the LED spot lights that screw into a standard light socket because these give off a uniform light pattern without the shadows of a spot light.I had an electrician run dedicated rigid conduit to power these garage LED lights. I wanted the lights to be controlled from the 120V wall switch. After measuring the spacing between the rows of lights and marking off the center line positions, the electrical conduit runs were made. The pigtail wires that were supplied were wired directly into the 120VAC power line inside the junction boxes. The three prong connector then connects to one end of the first LED light and then the rest were installed in series for each row of lights.The LED light installation was pretty easy and straight forward. I used dry wall anchors for the mounting screws to screw into. This made the mount much stronger than just installing the screws directly into the ceiling. I used a chalk line reel to snap the chalk lines on the ceiling for the center lines of where the lights would be mounted (you’ll need a helper to do this). It makes drilling the anchor mount holes precise and the lights would line up perfectly. The dry wall anchors I used called for using a 3/16″ drill bit to drill the pilot hole. I found this just a bit too large for the #4 anchors and moved down one size and used a 11/64″ drill bit. The anchors tap into these holes securely and hold the anchor screws tightly. After the LED lights were installed, there is a thin plastic protective film on the lights that should be removed. I didn’t notice it at first but it is there.It is nice this manufacturer included all the hardware for direct wiring into the garage 120VAC power source and not have to use the 120V plug with the in line switch. There are even end plugs to plug the end of the last light so there is no exposed opening where the three prong plug goes. The attention to detail is excellent.These lights made a big difference inside the garage and these should last for many years to come. Unless you are just using one or two light strips, I would not use the in line power plug with on/off switch. Have dedicated conduit runs made by an electrician would make the entire installation look cleaner and professional and you will not regret the decision.Footnote: The first set of LED lights I purchased had three mounting clips for each light. The 2nd set I bought had an improved mounting clip design but with two screws and mounting clips for each LED light strip.

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