LED Recessed Downlights

Our Luminosum 4-inch led downlights are available in different designs and configurations for complete residential and commercial building applications. You can also choose from a multitude of recessed can housing options with 8 to 12-pack configuration. Each 4 led recessed lighting and housing has been designed and made to the latest industry standards in safety, security, reliability, and quality.

Up To 90% Energy Savings

Luminosum 4 led recessed lighting helps in saving you up to 90% on your electricity bills. All our products are Energy Star rated and can provide equivalent illumination while consuming only 1/10th of halogen lights.


Our recessed downlight products feature IC rated, airtight junction box, and provide excellent protection against overheating. Our products are ETL certified, the industry standard safety conditions. You will not have to worry about safety when installing or working with the led downlights.

High performance

Our led downlights are powered by high-performance COB LED source that provides illumination up to 100 lumens per watt. Our recessed downlight solutions are also compatible with most of the dimmers available, providing 10% to 100% dimming control.

Ease of Installation

All our recessed lighting trim and housing boxes are designed for ease of installation. The trims are designed for plug-n-play installation. The recessed lighting trim needs to be inserted and pressed hard and the retention clips hold it in place. The recessed can housing features standard screw base socket and quick connector that can be easily and quickly installed.

We provide recessed lighting trim in both white and brushed nickel finish to blend into all types of décor. The trims can be rotated at different levels including 360° horizontally and 40° vertically. This helps in achieving directional lighting.

Longevity & Warranty

Our Luminosum recessed downlight comes with a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Our LED lights are backed up by up to 5 years of warranty. We also provide technical support throughout the lifetime of the lights.

Our 4 led recessed lighting products are available for retail order or bulk purchase. The different can housing configurations provide excellent placement flexibility. We have the right LED lighting solutions to address different types and levels of needs.